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Tour Bioluminescence Holbox

Bioluminescence Holbox, Tours Holbox


Bioluminescence in Holbox is a phenomenon that occurs in the southern beaches of the island and can be observed when there is no moonlight at night.

It is a spectacular phenomenon where the waters of the seashore are illuminated by certain micro-organisms that light up when they hit the waves.

The light is usually so bright that even the fish can be seen in the water.

There are thousands of luminous points that shine, which are bioluminescent plancton, tiny organisms that like fireflies emit their own blue light.

This phenomenon usually happens from July to January and we offer a 1-hour tour for those who want to come and admire this fantastic natural spectacle.

It is required to book in advance and you have to check that during your stay in holbox will be dates without moonlight. Has to be dark the sky.

Tour Hour 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Price per person $ 20 USD



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